Previous Projects Handled by BSTCC Management

No. Client Project Name Project Description Contract Value Q.R Date
1 Sheraton Park and Convention Hotel Maintenance of Soft Landscape and Irrigation Networks Total Maintenance of soft landscape plus irrigation networks including indoor plants. 1,125,000.00 2016-2017
2 3 Secondary International School Facility Management Cleaning of Schools plus MEP works 850,000.00 2016
3 UMM Abdullah Al-Malaki Construction of School Transformation of Villa to School 3,500,000.00 2016
4 Public Works Authority Sewer House Connection Installation of House sewer line connection to various areas all over Doha 5,200,000.00 2015-2017
5 Qatari Diar Vinci Company (QDVC) (Sub-Contractor) Loading and Transportation of Excavated Materials Supply of trucks and loader to transport excavated materials from Lusail area to Duhail dumping site. 1,500,000.00 2015
6 Ministry of Energy and Industry Maintenance of Infrastructure and Landscaping. Maintenance of roads, irrigation networks, street lights and MEP works at Area of 11,000,000 M2 1,119,000.00 2014-2015
7 Saudi Bin Laden Group Erection of Pre fab Workers Accommodation Erection and Assembly of Workers accommodation at Shahaniyah area. 250,000.00 2015
8 Horizon Company (Sub-Contractor) MEP Works Installation and assembly of electrical lines and connection at Pearl Qatar. 550,000.00 2015
9 Kahramaa Demolition Works Demolition of Ras Bu Aboud Power Plant 6,350,000.00 2013
10 HSP Company Demolition Works Demolition of Various Buildings for Construction of Metro Rail Station 8,250,000.00 2013-2014
11 SAMSUNG Demolition Works Demolition of VariousBuildings for Construction of Metro Rail Station 3,550,000.00 2013-2014
12 PEO Crushing Works and Sorting out of Agricultural Materials Crushing works and sorting out of agricultural materials at Mekaines area Cost Plust 2013
13 Qatalum Demolition Works Demolition of Qatalum Cooling Tower 3,700,000.00 2012
14 Ashghal Construction of Perimeter Fencing Construction of Perimeter Fencing at various areas 1,100,000.00 2011
15 Ashghal Construction of Sewage lagoon Construction of sewage lagoon at Al Khore Area 3,750,000.00 2010
16 Qatar Foundation Ground Leveling Works Leveling of ground level plus excavation works for parking area 850,000.00 2008
17 Ashghal Construction of Sewage lagoon Construction of sewage lagoon at Al Karaana Area 26,500,000.00 2007-2009
18 Ashghal Construction of Sewage lagoon Construction of sewage lagoon at Abu Nakhla Area 18,500,00.00 2007-2008

MEP Maintenance, Landscaping, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Decorative & Civil Work